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If you are having a hard time getting your message out there, we want to help you promote your brand, product or service with our invitation-only, personalized “How to Get Free PR” Summit for small business owners, entrepreneurs and authors.

Join us Nov 7, 2015,  by completing the application form below. This workshop will be limited to 20 passionate people for maximum results.

Find out how Goody PR Founder Liz H Kelly booked this FOX 45 News interview with 1 email

Find out how Goody PR Founder Liz H Kelly booked this FOX 45 News interview with 1 email

WHO should Attend:

1. Small Business Owners and/or Authors who want to build their personal brand as a speaker, columnist and industry expert who gets invited back for print, radio and TV interviews.

2. Small Business Owners and/or Brand Marketing PR Managers who want their message to get out there, attract more users/ clients and increase income.

3. Startup Entrepreneurs looking for financing who want their brand to have more buzz and recognition by major media.

WHAT: This new personalized PR workshop is designed to empower small business owners, authors and entrepreneurs who are committed to developing, implementing and managing their own PR. You will NOT being doing text messages or email during this action-packed summit. If you are ready to  learn from a PR insider who knows how to break thru the noise and get your name in “earned media” (TV, Radio and Print coverage that you earn because of your powerful story versus a paid ad), then this workshop is for you.


Topics and tangible take-aways will include:

– Your Personalized PR Strategy. (We will provide you with a strategy draft when you walk in the door).

– How to get free media exposure to your target market in Print, Radio and TV that is worth thousands of dollars (one TV interview can be worth $30,000 or more).

– How to increase revenues by raising brand awareness, trust and loyalty in your product or service.

– How to write a press release that gets picked up by hundreds of major media across the country.

– How to pitch producers at the right time with the right story to book stories worth thousands of dollars (1 TV interview can be worth $30,000).

– How to build an army of brand ambassadors who share the benefits of your product, service or book for free.

– How to book media interviews with a powerful story that cuts through the noise and makes producers and your audience sit up and listen from a PR pro who knows how to book interviews with 1 email.

– How to save literally thousands of dollars on PR costs by learning best practice secrets from a pro. (A PR company will cost you $3,500 – $15,000/month for a retainer so if you do the math, a $1,297 ($997 with referral discount code) investment in learning how to promote you is a fraction of this cost.)

– Plus How to look and sound great during interviews with media training tips.

– Bonus: Learn best practices for creating 100% social media engagement with real fans who will share your story.

HOW TO ATTEND THIS PERSONALIZED WORKSHOP: If you are ready to up your game as a Business Owner, Author, Columnist, and Speaker, we can’t wait to share trade secrets with you that produce results. Simply fill out the APPLICATION FORM below to show you are serious about doing your own PR, and we will let you know shortly if you are approved. As a published author (who spent $20,000 on their book PR for Publicists) and Goody PR CEO with thousands of interviews booked (USA Today, CNN, FOX News, Chicago Tribune, ESPN Radio, etc) , Liz H Kelly is very excited to help you build your business.



Get recognized as an expert in your field who gets asked to come back for TV interviews

Get recognized as an expert in your field who gets asked to come back for TV interviews

Thank you Liz H Kelly and Goody PR for pushing our DGA Memorial Day Premiere forward with marketing, PR, social media and sponsorships at the last minute. Within 10 days, it was amazing that you secured 2 news segments on KCBS and KTLA… Your marketing campaign blitz has greatly contributed to Vanilla Fire Productions being in negotiations for funding a sequel, only one week after this event! We can’t thank you enough! ~ Steven C Barber, Vanilla Fire Productions Co-Founder & Executive Producer

Goody PR Result Examples that are changing businesses:

– One of our PR clients got 53 TV interviews over 4 years, and sold their company to a major industry leader. The buyer bought it for the brand recognition name from a consistent PR strategy.

– A current client has 900 books on back-order on Amazon, and these books are the number 1 way his company gets clients! (P.S. The book is about taxes. It’s amazing to get all this PR on a dry topic!)

– Another PR client is a Top 1 Percent Realtor who wants to be recognized for her charity work, and a recent ABC News interview has increased her local reputation and real estate sales by giving back!

And here are just a few examples of earned media interviews we have booked for ourselves and/or clients:

MediaCollage_LizHkellyABOUT your PR Evangelist: Author, Speaker, Columnist, UCLA Extension Instructor (New Media Marketing) and CEO Liz H Kelly feels fortunate to have had 500+ media interviews for 1 book. Her work has been featured on CNN, FOX News, Lifetime, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, KNBC, KTLA, KCBS,  in hundreds of print publications (USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Cosmopolitan Magazine) and radio (BBC Radio, ESPN Radio and more). To help authors, Liz spoke on stage with Mark Victor Hansen (“Chicken Soup for the Soul”) at his Book Marketing Conference about her rockstar author PR tips. She’s also grateful to have 3+ million video views on Goody Awards YouTube Channel, and a consistent 90-100% engagement on social media.

Liz spoke on stage with Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) about her Rock Star Author PR tips after booking 300 interviews for 1 book

Liz H Kelly spoke with Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul) at his Mega Book Marketing conference to 700+ about her Rock Star Author PR tips that helped her secure 500+ Print, Radio and TV interviews for 1 book.

DISCOUNTED COST: This invite-only summit is being offered at a reduced price of $1,297 (pay only $997 with referral discount code versus a $3,500 monthly PR retainer fee and minimum 3-month contract). This material is worth $5000 (and Liz has easily invested over $100,000 in learning these winning strategies). This How to Get Free PR Summit is an investment in your future and increasing sales. The value is really priceless if you apply what you learn!

BONUS OFFER: After attending this “How to Get Free PR” Summit, you will have two weeks to decide if you want to do the PR yourself, or hire Goody PR. You can do PR yourself with time, dedication and a great story. If you decide you would rather hire Goody PR for a 3-month minimum contract, your summit tuition will automatically be applied to the balance.


October 7 – Deadline for submitting Fall 2015 Summit Application Form with 7 questions below. Don’t wait to apply because this class will sell out fast. If the class is full, we will add you to waiting list for a 2016 class, but why wait to change your life and brand’s success forever?

October 15 – Everyone who is accepted will be confirmed, and payment will be taken via PayPal or Credit Card.

November 7 –  This fun and interactive “How to Get Free PR” Summit will be held in Los Angeles.

November 10-20 – Each attendee will have the option of scheduling a 30-minute consultation with Goody PR Founder Liz H Kelly as a followup call.

*Refund Policy – You do not need to pay until October 15 for the Nov 7, 2015 class. Once you pay, there are no refunds. If you cannot make it on the day of the workshop, you can attend a future class in 2016 and/or apply your tuition to a monthly PR retainer with Goody PR.



To apply for this life-changing “How to Get Free PR” summit, invest 5 minutes in your brand’s future by completing this short form by answering 7 questions that will help us research your brand before the class. You’ll then be submitted as a candidate for this life-changing summit, and we’ll get back to you soon to let you know if you qualify. To qualify, we are looking for dedicated entrepreneurs who also have a social impact (charity adopted, etc). Once we reach a max of 20 people, everyone who is accepted will be added to a wait list for future classes.

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