5 Marketing Tips for Brand Story Noise Breakers

Autism Guardian Angels logo developed by Goody PR on big screen as sponsor of Autfest 2017


If you’re trying to break through the noise online and offline created by an average daily exposure of 5,000 ads per day by a consumer, your best strategy is to tell a powerful and consistent story in your Marketing, PR and Social Media. And with the competition for eyeballs accelerated by social media, it’s even more important to emotionally connect with your fans.

As a marketing guru and published author who’s promoted primarily successful health, technology, financial education and entertainment industry clients, I’ve always encouraged teams to create a compelling story behind the brand. Here are five tips with examples of what has works and doesn’t work.


1. Jazz Up Sleeper Stories – No matter how dull your product or topic seems, there is always a way to make it sound more interesting. One of our Goody PR clients wrote a health column for a magazine about varicose veins (yes, what a boring topic!). He did not include a title, and there was no article theme. After reading his draft, we noticed that he kept mentioning watch out for tight jeans. From these keywords, we recommended this headline: 4 Varicose Vein Prevention Tips Tied To Tight Jeans. Our client loved it, and we added a funny skinny jeans graphic. You can turn a sleeper story into something that would make readers want to read it too.

2. Ignite Emotions into Brand Stories – You want people to remember your brand, and the best way to do that is with a story that makes people scream, cry, smile or have an irresistible desire. While working for Motorola’s Iridium Satellite company in Washington DC, the company literally went bankrupt because they had the wrong messaging. The Sales team was trying desperately to sell $4,000 satellite phones to consumers with a dreadfully boring story about their 77 satellites in the sky. When Marketing finally asked for help from my training team, we changed the story to focus on life or death needs by vertical marketing client needs (maritime, military, media, etc.). The new story was if you work on an oil rig in the Indian Ocean for Shell Oil, and your power goes out, and you have no cell service, would you like to have a satellite phone with a solar charger that can save your life? Sales went up 40% in six weeks.

3. Use Consistent and Memorable Company Name – To stand out from your competition in the constant clutter, it’s even more important to use a consistent company name with a compelling story. When working with any client, the first thing we ask is what name do you want to use consistently for press, social media and your website URL? While this concept may sound obvious, many companies skip this step. For example, we worked with a health center client named “The Ranch” (ok that was not the name, but you get it.) Even though we got “The Ranch” great TV interviews, no one could find them because the name was not unique and had no SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value. Another Goody PR client consistently used “Journey Healing Centers” for 53 TV interviews over five years. This media success contributed to the company being sold to one of the biggest healthcare providers who wanted to keep their brand name.

4. Add Emotional Connection To Tag Lines – To go beyond your name, the tag line and key selling points also need to trigger an emotional reaction. When working with Journey Healing Centers, their tag line was “Get the Person You Love Back”, which was brilliant. Because addiction impacts most families, this tag line really hit home. As another example, we started the Goody Awards for social good with the tag line, “Recognize Extraordinary Social Good” to encourage people to vote on Twitter for people and products making a difference using #GoodyAwards. We now have fans tweeting from over 30 countries, and engagement is consistently 95-100%.

5. Adopt An Authentic Charity – It’s cool to care, and if your company is not supporting a charity or cause, you better find one. And make sure that you can explain why you chose the charity and how it ties to a personal story. For example, the first thing we did while working on the launch campaign for Los Angeles tech startup JukinMedia was recommend adding a charity. After brainstorming, JukinMedia supported the Rob Dyrdek Foundation. It was a perfect match because this MTV star’s foundation builds skateboard parks for kids in need and JukinMedia sells video clips of skateboarders to networks like Comedy Central and The Today Show. JukinMedia’s CEO is now in the top 25 tech entrepreneurs in Los Angeles, and the company keeps growing.

In every type of marketing, it’s all about having a powerful story that emotional connects with fans, no matter how boring your product. Take an honest step back and look closely at your marketing, PR and social media messaging to see if you are breaking through the noise, and/or contact Goody PR for a free consultation. How can you add more sizzle to your story?

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Memorial Day Movie Premiere at Directors Guild of America for "Return to the Philippines"

Memorial Day Movie Premiere at Directors Guild of America honored 95-yr-old WII Veteran Leon Cooper

Goody PR Cause Marketing Campaign Case Study for Memorial Day Movie Premiere

Goody PR is proud to share a case study recap of our Memorial Day Movie Premiere marketing campaign that was put together in about 10 days. Vanilla Fire Productions Co-Founder Steven C Barber called us in early May when they secured the DGA (Directors Guild of America) for a special screening of “Return to the Philippines”, and we rallied to make their May 25th event a huge success.

600+ people (including 70 Marines from Camp Pendleton in uniform) attended this special event featuring 95-yr-old WWII Leon Cooper’s film. Leon’s mission is to bring attention to the 88,000+ MIA (missing in action soldiers), and the media coverage was able to draw even more attention to this important cause. This campaign also promoted the premiere of the movie on Netflix, which was also on Memorial Day.

We love to build a powerful story to break thru the noise, and this was a fun project supporting and honoring veterans. To recap our marketing campaign, here is a summary with the results:

Public Relations

3 pitches to the media about this film premiere event that highlighted the important messages

2 major TV networks covered the event: KCBS CBS2 Memorial Day Movie Premiere Leon Cooper & KTLA 5 CW5 Special Report Memorial Day Movie Premiere

Secured copies of 2 TV interviews for client as a pro bono gift


Secured 2 food sponsors that made the dinner possible for 70 Marines from Camp Pendleton (Thank you Lucifer’s Pizza & Hint unsweetened flavored water.)

Bought snacks and decorations for Marine dinner with minimal budget

Prepared snack food for the event

Event Support

Set up the event dinner

2 Photographers

2 Videographers

Special Award

To help raise awareness of the film & honor WWII Veteran Leon Cooper, Goody PR and Goody Awards Founder Liz H Kelly presented him with a special Golden Goody Award (our top humanitarian award) that was covered by both news stations (KCBS & KTLA).

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube posts before, during and after the event

2 Photo Albums from the event

4 videos posted on YouTube

The exciting result is that Vanilla Fire Productions is now in negotiations for a film sequel (only 1 week after this event) that should be made later in 2015. We are also proud of raising awareness of the MIAs, and the families who deal with the unknown every day.

Goody PR case study of Vanilla Fire Memorial Day Premiere Marketing Campaign

Goody PR case study of Vanilla Fire Memorial Day Premiere Marketing Campaign

The PR value of this campaign was over $43,000+, which made the ROI (Return on Investment) off-the-charts. The budget for this campaign only covered part of the dinner, and Goody PR did the rest as part of a rare pro bono campaign.

If you would like Goody PR’s team to develop a marketing campaign for an event, movie premiere, or book launch, we are ready to rally. Our standard approach is a 3-6 month marketing campaign minimum to allow for momentum. We’ve managed multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for big brands while working for Fox/MySpace such as Toyota and University of Phoenix, and would love help you. The campaign cost varies depending on the time and elements involved.

To get started, send us an email: info AT goodypr DOT com so we can help you magnify your story!

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6 Vine Off Tips at Social Media Week LA

Vine Workshop Panel at Social Media Week Los Angeles

Vine Workshop Panel at Social Media Week LA


Social Media Week LA hosted a fun Vine Workshop for Brands and Creators that was a blast, and very different from what you see at most industry conferences. Entertainment Tonight’s Bryan Moore moderated this event where top Vine network Collab gave us six Vine Off Tips.

Before breaking up into groups, Chief Creative Officer Will McFadden and Branded Content Creative Director Eamon Brennan of Collab’s digital team revealed their Top 6 Vine Tips. And it’s amazing the storytelling that can happen in a six second Vine.

6 Vine Off Tips

  1. Tell A Story
  2. Add a Twist
  3. Loop It
  4. Can you Relate?
  5. Add your Special Skills
  6. Add Cuteness
Dinky was the SMWLA VIP on the Vine Panel

Dinky was the SMWLA VIP on the Vine Panel

Top Vine Superstars then led the six Vine Off teams, including Ry Doon, Meghan McCarthy, The Gabbie Show and Dinky. We each had fifteen minutes to create a creative Vine using 3 out of 6 of their tips. While that might sound like a long time to create a six second video, it was actually harder than you think.

We were fortunate to be on Gabbie’s team from The Gabbie Show, and she took us through a brainstorming session, voting within the team on the idea to use, idea generation for four parts of the Vine, filming, editing and posting on Vine.

For this Vine Off, below are the six contenders, and ok, our team won (Never insult a woman), but it was very close with Dinky. Everyone loves dogs, and it was a miracle that we beat Dinky was a VIP. Check out these creative Vines, and let us know what you think in the comments.


VINE OFF Contestants at Social Media Week LA

1. 40yrs later men are still thirsty. #SMWLA https://vine.co/v/OZ5mwOgnVL7

2. TRUTH OR DARE! #SMWLA Collab https://vine.co/v/OZ5meT3TXqz

3. Hammock Fail @Collab @kelliesuepeters @iinspireLA #SMWLA https://vine.co/v/OZ5ZePWqQF0

4. Dinky’s always VIP. #SMWLA Collab https://vine.co/v/OZ5ZA7ZdjiZ

5. The hula hoop hustler #SMWLA #collab Collab https://vine.co/v/OZ5ZW5O66PL

6. Never insult a woman #smwla #swmla2014 with @TheGabbieShow https://vine.co/v/OZ57Axah9HF

Winning Vine at SMWLA 2014

Winning Vine at SMWLA 2014

After taking an “official” (wink) audience vote, Will McFadden recapped the tips to show how “Never Insult a Woman” Vine included a story, was relatable (Women complaining about their high heels hurting their feed), and had a twist at the end.

Will then emphasized that the Top Viners in the room had over 10 million followers, and asked everyone to Re-vine, Like and Share the “Never Insult a Woman” Vine. It was fun to see our Vine blow up, and get on the “Popular Now” page (which I did not know existed), get 260,000+ Loops (like plays on YouTube), over 4000 Likes and 50+ Comments. Big thanks to Gabbie for being the creative mastermind behind our Vine!

And cheers to SMWLA, Bryan M Moore, Collab Creators, all the Vine Superstar Leaders and everyone who made this workshop one of the best panels ever at a conference! Happy Vining!


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Staples sponsored our Goody Awards Back 2 School Campaign that recognized inspiring teachers

Staples sponsored our Goody Awards Back 2 School Campaign that recognized inspiring teachers & supported 2 Education Charities

How everyone wins with Cause Marketing

It’s cool to care today. And the good news for brands is that the marketing data shows everybody can win with the right cause marketing campaign. Brands, causes, employees and the public all feel good about a company giving back. And here’s why we encourage every Goody PR client to include social good in their marketing campaigns.

According to the most recent 2013 Cone Communications/ Echo Global CSR Study (10,000 people in 10 of the largest countries: US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, China, India and Japan), cause marketing benefits include:

–       96% of global citizens will have a more positive image of that company.

–       94% will be more likely to trust that company.

–       93% will be more loyal to that company.

–       91% of global customers are likely to switch brands to one that supports a good cause, given similar price and quality.

And in terms of keeping good employees, Millennials (Gen Y with birthdates early 1980s to early 2000s) are especially looking closely at potential employers. These “Echo Boomers” want to work for companies who give back. Here’s the data that might surprise your from the Cone Study:

–       79% of employees feel a stronger sense of loyalty to employers with cause marketing programs.

–       69% of employees decide where to work based on a company’s support for a cause.

Goody PR brainstorms with clients to ensure that they choose an authentic reason to support a cause. You can’t just say, let’s pick a cause and do something. You have to dig deep, and develop a powerful story with meaning.

For example, we chose Rethinking Autism as our first cause marketing campaign for the Goody Awards because a member of our family has autism. We were fortunate to find sponsors who also care about autism, presented our top Golden Goody Award to an autistic teen leader who is making a positive impact, found actors who have taught speech to kids with autism to present the big award at a special event, and give out awards thru social media using #GoodyAwards to reinforce the messages online. We held the campaign in sync with Autism Awareness Month and the release of a new Rethinking Autism PSA. Everyone won, everyone felt good, and we continue to look for these connections for year-round Goody Awards cause marketing campaigns.

After this initial campaign, we dug deeper on the Goody Awards brand and decided to focus on 4 key areas that overlap and impact our core: Environment, Education, Health and Women Empowerment. Since then, we’ve done cause marketing campaigns to raise awareness for World Oceans, “Girl Rising” documentary, 5 Gyres, Unlikely Heroes, Malaria No More, and Women In Film in Park City, among others.

What’s you cause? How can you make everyone win? We’d love to hear about it in the comments, and/or contact us. We’re happy to brainstorm a cause marketing campaign that works best for you and share our current sponsorship opportunities (Ask us about the Comedy Gives Back opportunity for Oct-Dec 2013).

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3 Good Media pivot from GOOD, RYOT and Upworthy

Good content leaders from GOOD, RYOT and Upworthy shared their current focus and the latest trends at the Silicon Beach Fest conference this week in Santa Monica. To bring you the inside scoop, we captured insights and pivots (the buzz word at the conference) from these three publishers and content curators.

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 4.35.02 PM

Jay Ku, GOOD

1. GOOD – Jay Ku, Head of Corporate Partnerships at GOOD, explained their online magazine’s shift in the past year, “We made this pivot where we transitioned a little bit more into a community platform….Our role is to curate, promote and facilitate action. So now it’s really about how do we take a story created by us or created from a community, and create all the drivers that will translate that story into tangible real world action.”

Jay oversees partnerships for profit brands and non-profits, who are plugged into their platform. The goal is to try to return some value to them, and hopefully that value “contributes significantly to the world.” Looking back seven years ago, Jay reflected, “It wasn’t the same space, where now people want to buy TOMS Shoes or buy Mrs. Meyers. I feel like LA is the only place where a Prius is more expensive than a Lexus because it says something…”

There was also a lot of talk about actionable responses to help Oklahoma tornado victims. For Oklahoma, GOOD posted about a designer who took damaged photos, and wanted to create a massive community to retouch photos. Literally, thousands of people put their emails in the comments section, and volunteered to retouch.

Brian Klonoski, RYOT

Brian Klonoski, RYOT

2. RYOT  – Brian Klonoski from RYOT explained their similar focus on publishing content with actionable items. Brian expanded, “We’re the first news website that attaches action to every news story. Our goal is to be a full-service news website,…but every time you read a story, there’s an action you can take….If you read about the Oklahoma victims, you can donate right on the page….Our content is not all good content…It’s standard news content, but because of the action attached, we make it good content.”

As a pivot, Brian announced RYOT TV will be coming soon with videos of things that are very different. While it will include some “earnest videos,” it will have other stories you don’t expect.

Looking ahead, Brian added that they’re going to be disappointed in five years if people don’t read the news and interact with the news. Brian expanded on how everyone wins with RYOT, “Our model makes non-profits relevant based on current events, and it gives them content to get people to coming to their site and to learn about them.” During the session, we also got RTs and cheers from fans from Ian Somerhalder’s Foundation fans for RYOT News. These fans are highly engaged in ISF’s green projects, and like to take action.

Sarah Critchfield, Upworthy

Sarah Critchfield, Upworthy

3. Upworthy – Sarah Critchfield, Editorial Director at Upworthy, explained how her company was started by former employees of Facebook, MoveOn.org, and The Onion. With these social leaders, it was no surprise to hear about their goals. Sarah explained, “We focus on making stuff that matters go viral. So we only work with visual content, videos, graphics, photos, that’s different….We don’t do content creation. We do curation… and Caine’s Arcade (whose filmmaker Nirvan Mullick was also on the panel) is one of our big success stories of a video we curation….”

Sarah expanded, “We focus exclusively on social media, mostly Facebook….We bill ourselves as the Comedy Central of the online world, focusing on a target audience of people who are good people, but aren’t necessarily going to be reading hard news stories.” The content curated has an engaging and entertaining tone.

Looking ahead, Sarah gave her prediction, “What I’ve been looking at is the concept of slow media…the craze is Twitter. It’s total information overload….some kind of an internal tremor that wants balance, and so there will be a swing back to long-form content.”

There was also a lot of discussion about citizen journalism with iReports on CNN and more. The group felt that there will always be a need for professional journalists. It will be fascinating to see where this good media story goes as the world gets much smaller with social media, digital entertainment and people who want to make a positive impact.

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Comedy Gives Back hosts YouTube Show

Olga Kay

YouTube Star Olga Kay kicks off Comedy Gives Back Show at YouTube Office

Live from the YouTube Space office in Los Angeles, Comedy Gives Back rallied top comedians for a livestreamed stand up comedy show in June 2013. To bring you this YouTube Comedy Week event, we captured photos and interviews backstage of this show with Greg Berhendt (“Sex and the City”, “He’s Just Not That Into You”) and many other stars there to support Comedy Gives Back and their charity partner, Malaria No More.

To kick off the show, YouTube stars Olga Kay and Beth Hoyt (“Beth in Show”) introduced the night’s Host Rove McManus (Australian, “Finding Nemo”.) This global LOL line-up also included Rob Delaney (Boston “Cougar Town” “Burning Love”), Matt Kirshen (UK “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”) Retta (“Parks and Recreation”), Daniel Kinno (Russian), Jeremy Hotz (Canadian), and Ahmed Bharoocha (Syrian “Dead Kevin”.)

As part of this warm-up show, Comedy Gives Back Founders and the show Producers Amber J. Lawson, Zoe Friedman and Jodi Lieberman interviewed comedians backstage about things that are not preventable (like Rove’s Australian accent and a few other things that you’ll need to watch the video to learn) compared to Malaria that is preventable! Greg Berhendt also confessed to his favorite fruit, and these interviews will be posted on Comedy Gives Back‘s YouTube Channel.

To announce their Nov 6th 24-hour global telethon to benefit Malaria No More, comedians Dane Cook, Adam Carolla (“ACE Networks”), Kevin Nealon (“Weeds”, “SNL”), Adam Devine (“Workaholics”) and Skylar Stone (“Raising Hope”) star in a new Comedy Gives Back video campaign called “Preventable.” If you want to get involved, support Malaria No More and Like this video: http://youtu.be/nH2Uao7fqlU

A child dies every minute from Malaria, and comedians are volunteering their time to raise awareness that it is preventable and treatable! Confirmed talent for the Nov 6th Comedy Gives Back show benefiting Malaria No More include headliners: Dane Cook (“Mr. Brooks”), Kevin Nealon (“Weeds”), Greg Fitzsimmons (“Big Dog Radio”), Josh Wolf (“Chelsea Lately”), Kevin Pollak (“Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show”, “The Usual Suspects”), MaryLynn Rajskub (Chloe on “24”), and Michael Buckley (“What the Buck”.)

To keep up with all the comedians rallying for this cause, subscribe to Comedy Gives Back’s YouTube Channel, and stay tuned for updates on their really big show on Twitter @ComedyGivesBack.

(c) Liz H Kelly, Goody PR and Goody Awards Founder