5 Marketing Tips for Brand Story Noise Breakers

5 Marketing Tips for Brand Story Noise Breakers

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If you’re trying to break through the noise online and offline created by an average daily exposure of 5,000 ads per day by a consumer, your best strategy is to tell a powerful and consistent story in your Marketing, PR and Social Media. And with the competition for eyeballs accelerated by social media, it’s even more important to emotionally connect with your fans.

As a marketing guru and published author who’s promoted primarily successful health, technology, financial education and entertainment industry clients, I’ve always encouraged teams to create a compelling story behind the brand. Here are five tips with examples of what has works and doesn’t work.


1. Jazz Up Sleeper Stories – No matter how dull your product or topic seems, there is always a way to make it sound more interesting. One of our Goody PR clients wrote a health column for a magazine about varicose veins (yes, what a boring topic!). He did not include a title, and there was no article theme. After reading his draft, we noticed that he kept mentioning watch out for tight jeans. From these keywords, we recommended this headline: 4 Varicose Vein Prevention Tips Tied To Tight Jeans. Our client loved it, and we added a funny skinny jeans graphic. You can turn a sleeper story into something that would make readers want to read it too.

2. Ignite Emotions into Brand Stories – You want people to remember your brand, and the best way to do that is with a story that makes people scream, cry, smile or have an irresistible desire. While working for Motorola’s Iridium Satellite company in Washington DC, the company literally went bankrupt because they had the wrong messaging. The Sales team was trying desperately to sell $4,000 satellite phones to consumers with a dreadfully boring story about their 77 satellites in the sky. When Marketing finally asked for help from my training team, we changed the story to focus on life or death needs by vertical marketing client needs (maritime, military, media, etc.). The new story was if you work on an oil rig in the Indian Ocean for Shell Oil, and your power goes out, and you have no cell service, would you like to have a satellite phone with a solar charger that can save your life? Sales went up 40% in six weeks.

3. Use Consistent and Memorable Company Name – To stand out from your competition in the constant clutter, it’s even more important to use a consistent company name with a compelling story. When working with any client, the first thing we ask is what name do you want to use consistently for press, social media and your website URL? While this concept may sound obvious, many companies skip this step. For example, we worked with a health center client named “The Ranch” (ok that was not the name, but you get it.) Even though we got “The Ranch” great TV interviews, no one could find them because the name was not unique and had no SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value. Another Goody PR client consistently used “Journey Healing Centers” for 53 TV interviews over five years. This media success contributed to the company being sold to one of the biggest healthcare providers who wanted to keep their brand name.

4. Add Emotional Connection To Tag Lines – To go beyond your name, the tag line and key selling points also need to trigger an emotional reaction. When working with Journey Healing Centers, their tag line was “Get the Person You Love Back”, which was brilliant. Because addiction impacts most families, this tag line really hit home. As another example, we started the Goody Awards for social good with the tag line, “Recognize Extraordinary Social Good” to encourage people to vote on Twitter for people and products making a difference using #GoodyAwards. We now have fans tweeting from over 30 countries, and engagement is consistently 95-100%.

5. Adopt An Authentic Charity – It’s cool to care, and if your company is not supporting a charity or cause, you better find one. And make sure that you can explain why you chose the charity and how it ties to a personal story. For example, the first thing we did while working on the launch campaign for Los Angeles tech startup JukinMedia was recommend adding a charity. After brainstorming, JukinMedia supported the Rob Dyrdek Foundation. It was a perfect match because this MTV star’s foundation builds skateboard parks for kids in need and JukinMedia sells video clips of skateboarders to networks like Comedy Central and The Today Show. JukinMedia’s CEO is now in the top 25 tech entrepreneurs in Los Angeles, and the company keeps growing.

In every type of marketing, it’s all about having a powerful story that emotional connects with fans, no matter how boring your product. Take an honest step back and look closely at your marketing, PR and social media messaging to see if you are breaking through the noise, and/or contact Goody PR for a free consultation. How can you add more sizzle to your story?

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